EJP Files


The following files accompany the article "On a Linear Assignment Permutation Test Applied to Parapsychological Data: Computational Enhancements and Additional Applications." European Journal of Parapsychology, Vol. 22, No. 1 (April 2007), pp. 30-48.

Click on a file to view it. Right-click on a file to save it on your computer by choosing "Save Target As...". The download only takes a few seconds and then gives you the option of opening.

  kappa.exe -- the executable implicit enumeration program. (Just click and run for this one. It has an easy Windows-y interface.)

  MatchLoops.m -- the MatLab program for the linear assignment test (matching test); requires an input matrix "A"

  trace_bb2.for -- the ForTran program for the linear assignment test (matching test); you can also save the exectuable ForTran program (to be run at a command prompt) here but be sure to read the instructions in the README.txt.

  table 1, table 8 and table 10 -- the data from the tables; useful for trying out the programs before inputing your own data; first number relates to the size of the input matrix, which is the required form of "MATCH.DAT" read by the ForTran files, but neither the executable nor the MatLab programs require tthe size to be input only the actual matrix

  StahlBruscoFiles.zip -- the ZIP file generously supplied by EJP containing trace_bb2.exe, trave_bb2.for, MatchLoops.m, kappa.exe, table1.dat, table8.dat, table10.dat


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