These pages contain information, documentation, research (including some programming code) and general study materials pertaining to the study of psychology and parapsychology.


Within the realm of quantitative psychology, some helpful tools are:

  Algorithms for Total Enumeration, General Branch and Bound and General Dynamic Programming techniques for finding optimal solutions to data analysis problems;

  Programs and ForTran code for the monograph, "Branch and Bound Applications in Combinatorial Data Analysis." (Also, see sites for authors Mike Brusco and Stephanie Stahl.)

  Unidimensional and multidimensional scaling, with an explanation of how to determine eigenvalues.

  The joys of permutation tests

  Rudimentary statistical notes.

  For something to really light your fire, try a bit o' graph coloring !

 Try topology on for size.

 Pardon my French LOL, no seripously, pardon my humble attempt to translate a few things. :-) Depending on your browser, it might be here.

Highly recommended societies:

Classification Society of North America

Psychometric Society

Société Francophone de Classification

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